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Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys

Carl: I do try to start off in a congenial manner. I acknowledge that we’re both just trying to do our jobs but also that the prosecutor must realize that I have a client. Because this person is my client, my job is to protect that person’s interest. If you hear from me that we’re not just accepting what’s being offered, it’s because I have rights of my client, that I’m protecting, to consider.

Working Towards the Same Goal

Sometimes if the prosecutors don’t like what they hear, in other words you’re not accepting their offer; the relationship can become a little more adversarial. But many times I’ve been able to work in a cooperative way with the prosecutors, or the defense attorneys, depending on what my job is that day, towards the same end.

The goal is always to come to an agreement on what the best results are for this particular case. I think because I’ve been both a prosecutor and a defense attorney in the same day, I know how to approach that. We’re just trying to get to a point here that serves both sides, and sometimes that means you have go to trial. Sometimes it means you just have to come to more creative solution.
By Carl Spector

NJ Criminal Attorney Carl Spector
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