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Our success is not only measured by the results we get for our clients.  It is also measured by the way our clients feel about our work. If you are a client of ours, please take a minute to write a short review about your experience with our law firm.

“Carl provided excellent legal representation for my husband, who was arrested on his first DUI charge early Sunday morning. Carl was great from the start. He answered my frantic phone call at 5AM, listened to my concerns and agreed to represent my husband at his arraignment. Carl was forthright and explained to me the entire process – where my husband was, what was going to happen to him, what I should expect at his arraignment and advised that it was going to be a long wait for him to be processed. Carl then continuously followed up with the Court and provided status updates to me every few hours so that I was informed. At the end of the day, Carl was able to secure a plea for my husband that resulted in just a traffic infraction as opposed to a misdemeanor. Carl was able to obtain a stay of suspension of my husband’s driver’s license so that he could continue driving for work while he waited for a conditional license. As a fellow attorney, I can attest to Carl’s knowledge of the law and legal system and I would recommend him without hesitation.” – A Former Client

“ONE AMAZING LAWYER” !!! I was recently involved in a DUI/DWI case. This would be my second offense. I will also tell you that my driving record reads like a bad novel. Knowing all this information, I was sure I was going to be ‘hung from the rafters’. All kidding aside, I faced up to 2 years loss of my drivers license, hefty court fines and fees, and potential jail time. I searched online, for a lawyer, and came across Carl Spector’s web page. After reading through his site, and the reviews written by other clients, I decided to give him a call. Let me say that this was one of the best phone calls I have ever made. From the moment Carl picked up the phone and introduced himself, and explained to me on how he would proceed with the case, if he were to represent me, I knew this would be the last lawyer I would consult with. Carl’s high level of professionalism, knowledge of the law, coupled with his strong “Care and Concern” for you, mixed with a high level of positive energy, is the person you want in your corner when the bell rings. Long story short, Carl was not only able to keep me out of jail, but he saved me from losing my driving privliges, and I was only assessed a fine of less than $100.00. Basically, he saved my life. I would not hesitate, in the least, to highly recommend Mr. Spector, for his services. He has found a home in my contact list. He can be located under ” Miracle Worker”. Thanks Carl. You The Man !!!!! – Scott

“I recently had a misdemeanor case and I had a great experience with Mr. Carl Spector. I felt very confident from the first day I spoke to him at his office. An amazingly bright expert in law he made me feel secure and I believed I had the right professional on my side. I saw his powerful competence in every step of the process. Mr. Spector was a deep analyst and great strategist. He always was ahead and aware of what’s coming and made the right decision. Always he communicated with me on time with an admirable patience and unique simplicity. His intelligent way of thinking, followed by a very practical and precise strategy brought my case to a dismissal. Mr. Carl was a very correct, energetic professional that treated my case not as an outsider. He dedicated himself to my nightmare as a human and comforted me as real gentleman. It was a real pleasure working with an outstanding attorney like Mr. Spector. I will be grateful to him for the rest of my life. Thanks Mr. Spector! I very strongly recommend Mr. Carl Spector to everyone.” – A Former Client

“I would strongly and without reservations recommend Carl S. Spector to anyone who needs an attorney for a DUI case. When my son was arrested I didn’t know where to turn, so I used the internet to research top lawyers. After reading about other people’s experiences with Carl Spector, I decided to call him. He returned my call promptly, and from that very first conversation, I was impressed with his knowledge, accessibility and straight-forward manner. Mr. Spector was there for us every step of the way, keeping us informed, explaining the proceedings and answering all questions. His work and dedication resulted in the best possible outcome for my son: the case was dismissed in both the traffic and criminal court. I am so incredibly grateful to Carl Spector and cannot say enough good things about him.” – Helene

“Attorney Carl Spector was referred to me by word of mouth, and I could not be more pleased with his work. He managed two of my cases, one being a criminal refusal of the breath test and the other a very complex assault and DUI combination. His commitment to me as a client was exceptional. He made it a priority to keep me on the same page with the status of my cases throughout the whole process. As a client, that was extremely important to me knowing I had someone with me for the ride. He spent additional time and dedication on both of my cases to form a great defense and outcome.

His seasoned experience as an attorney came alive in the courtroom and his perseverance and outstanding knowledge of the law won both of my cases. He is a fighter in the courtroom and I can honestly say, had I chosen a different attorney I don’t believe they would have done half of what Mr. Spector has done nor do I believe they would have won my cases. I have worked with many various types of attorneys in the past and they were not nearly as well rounded or committed. It’s a relief to never have to search for one again. These cases could have drastically altered my life and became a true burden, but Mr. Spector made it possible for me to move forward without enduring any of that. I would recommend Carl Spector in a heartbeat for his expertise and more importantly for the passion he provokes in the work he delivers as an Attorney.” – A Criminal Defense Client

“When my son had an incident in NYC I called three lawyers seeking help. Carl Spector was the only one who took the time and effort to explain in detail the situation and the ensuing ramifications. It became clear during our conversation that he was the best man for the job and I immediately engaged his services.Through the course of my son’s DMV refusal hearing and the subsequent Criminal Court case, both of which dragged on for months, Carl Spector was always professional, well prepared and informative, explaining and reviewing each step of the process with us. I am very happy to report that Mr. Spector’s skill proved my son’s innocence beyond any doubt and got both cases dismissed and my son completely exonerated. I highly recommend Carl Spector to anyone seeking expert legal help.” – Stephen

“Caring, courteous and has an amazing knowledge of the Law. Carl represented my son in an accident where the understanding of Laws related DWAI for minors is unfamiliar to many attorneys. He researched and educated all concerned parties involved what the Laws allows and was able to transferred the case out of court onto the DMV (without a criminal record). His determination and perseverance in making sure his client’s needs are of utmost importance is a quality beyond compare!” – Lal

“I was recently charged with a dwi and being the first time I had ever been faced with criminal charges I really didn’t know what to do and who to approach. I was in desperate need of legal guidance. I searched for different lawyers and stumbled across Carl Spector. On a whim I called him for an over the phone consultation and felt very comfortable talking to him about my case as well as my personal matters. Unlike the other lawyers I consulted, Carl makes sure that he takes his time to get to know his client and build strong rapport with them rather than give them an immediate quote of prices over the phone. I ended up hiring him and it took him a week to prepare my case and I couldn’t have asked for a better result. He got me the results I wanted and put my anxiety to rest. He was worth every penny I would definitely recommend him if you are in need of a lawyer.” – A DUI Client

“In February of 2012 I was charged with Aggravated DWI, DWI, Possession of Marijuana and driving the wrong way on a one way street in Nassau County. As this was my not first arrest, I was very nervous about possibly losing my apartment, employment, and car. I found Spector and 2 other Attorneys on this very site. After meeting with the Attorneys individually to see who would best suit me, I chose Mr. Spector. I was impressed with his; knowledge of the law, history as a prosecutor, confidence in his ability, how he seemed to have an open mind and his down to earth demeanor (which I find is UN-common with Attorneys). Mr. Spector and I sat for a cup of coffee and I explained the sequence of events that lead to my arrest. Long story short a group of friends and I went for a night on the town, I did have plenty of drinks but also had a designated driver. My friend (the designated driver) crashed my vehicle into a Tractor Trailer Truck, and then fled the scene. The officer arrived and I explained what happened but he didn’t believe me, the officer placed me under arrest saying “it’s your car and you’re the only one here so…” Carl and I went back and forth to court several times, he was persistent in arranging a “Proffer Session” so that I can sit with the District Attorney and share my version of events in hope of getting a dismissal. The DA sat with me but did not believe me. We eventually went to trial in October 2013 (I was unwilling to accept any offer of a lesser offense) Mr. Spector maintained his confidence and began to work his magic. The DA called the Truck Driver as their star witness, the ADA that was trying the case made several attempts to “direct” the witness to identify me, all met with a timely “objection” by Mr. Spector. The People rested their case and the judge asked if Mr. Spector had any questions, Spector asked for a 5 minute break so him and I could speak (Carl is very informative), he suggested that we NOT ask the driver any questions, which seemed weird to me at first but after Spector explained the benefits of such an action I was all for it. We asked no questions of him, he left the courtroom then Mr. Spector immediately requested a MOTION TO DISMISS, because the driver did not directly identify me. The judge sent us all to lunch. After the longest 2 hours in my life, the judge came back and GRANTED THE DISMISSAL!!Spector’s knowledge of the Law proved to be one of our greatest assets. I am eternally grateful to Carl and his service, he’s an incredible Attorney and I highly recommend him!!! Of course I could go on and on about how appreciative I am of him but I think you all get the picture. To anyone considering an Attorney.” – Bernaud

“As soon as I walked through the door Carl was extremely motivated to help me with my case. Out of all the lawyers I have spoken to he was the only one who came up with an incredible innovative solution to my case that no one else thought was possible which gave me hope that things will turn out well. Fortunately that was exactly what happened and my case was dismissed due to his unique approach and hard work. If I hadn’t made the decision to choose Carl Spector this case could have affected me for the rest of my life. I am forever grateful for all the ways that he has assisted me through this process. I recommend him for anyone who is in need of a lawyer who will provide the best solution possible for their case. Thank you so much Carl!” – A Criminal Defense Client

“After a long dry spell of not getting trouble I managed to get myself arrested twice in the same month (first and last, go figure). The first charge was a criminal mischief case where I was accused of breaking a window at a bar that I did not break… all over a disagreement and the bouncer not wanting to be wrong! Well, Carl got that case outright dismissed! The second charge was for aggravated dwi, although I was not driving my parked car, I had the keys in my pocket. I actually blew and it was 0.210…. I also said something in slurred slang that the cop twisted into me admitting to driving. Now even though I was not driving and the cop actually wrote on the police report that there were no witnesses to my operating the vehicle… it’s the cop’s word against mine and the supposed admission of guilt but me in a bad spot for trial. In the end, I had to either go to trial with the da having the cop’s testimony against mine or take a plea…. Carl was able to get the charge reduced to DWAI which is not a crime but a traffic infraction. This wasn’t even supposed to be possible being that I blew so high! At the end of the day, I would Recommend Carl for any area of law he practices! He always answers the phone and if he does not, he makes sure to shoot over a text saying he will call back ASAP. He is very knowledgeable and seems to have a good relationship with the DA’s (at least in Brooklyn). Some may second guess his pricing but it’s well worth it. You get what you pay for and I feel I have gotten way more than I expected.” – Micheal

“Back in September 2013 I had some minor issues I needed help with, so I turned to Carl to represent my stance on the issues involved. I did not have much merit on paper that he could present as evidence for my side, I did however have a strong opinion on the matter and just needed someone to be able to speak for me. I’m sure you have heard of the old saying “A person who represents himself as his own lawyer has a fool for a lawyer” well I couldn’t take a chance on being a fool, as the outcome of this case could have had severe penalties involved. I didn’t have a steady income as I was unemployed at the time, Carl made financial arrangements with me, even though I knew if he looked at my credit score I would have been turned down.Now that my case has been heard and is through, I’m happy to report, Carl stood up for me and my opinion and got results that are not easy to get. I have paid him in full and I am working on paying fines towards this case, which for me is a pretty big deal. Carl inspired me to do the right thing and keep MY word on making payments. Thank you Carl” – Lorraine M.

“Carl was incredibly efficient and made the entire process quite painless. He ensured that I was given the best possible outcome for my case!” – A Speeding Ticket Client

“Takes the time to explain things and willing to work around your schedule – especially important since I work late nights. I spoke with several lawyers before going with Carl and it worked out great. Was charged with PL 220.03 possession of a controlled substance in Manhattan – Carl was able to get me off with 1 day of community service on a Sunday and a concealed record.” – A Criminal Defense Client

“Over the years, I have sought legal counsel for a variety of reasons ranging from real estate, injuries, and preparing legal documents. I must say that this has been THE most positive experience working with a lawyer to date. Carl Spector was very easy to work with! He is a personable (truly…which is SO rare in this field!), polite and quick-thinking lawyer who carefully listened to my concerns and thoroughly understood my needs for legal counsel. Carl’s knowledge and expertise made me feel comfortable throughout the process keeping me informed along the way. His meticulous work led to a very satisfying conclusion for my situation. Carl was a true pleasure to work with! He is a rare gem in the legal field! I would highly recommend Carl Spector for your legal needs.” – A Personal Injury Client

“When I hired Carl Spector I was at my wit’s end. The lawyer I’d retained before him had forgotten my first court date. Unbelievable! From the first conversation I had with Mr. Spector through the completion of my case I had confidence I was finally in good hands. He made sure I understood every step of the way, and fought hard to create the best possible outcome for me in a very serious situation. He also provided his very knowledgeable, experienced and kind paralegal to walk me through every moment from the time I arrived at the courthouse until I left – even before and after it was time for Mr. Spector to be there. They made a difficult time much easier for me. I highly recommend Carl Spector. He and his firm are the ultimate professional team. VERY effective!” – Christin

“I had contacted Carl Spector because of his online reviews but more importantly the reason we chose him as our attorney is of the initial phone conversation. Mr. Spector was more interested in discussing the details of our situation than discussing payment terms. Yes finances were an important discussion, but what seemed more important to him was that he would be our best representation. Mr. Spector showed a true concern for our case and took the care to advise us of the direction he thought we should follow while incorporating our requests and never discounting our input. Carl Spector far exceeded our expectations. He was persistent in his contact with the Court and the other lawyers to try and reach a resolve without litigation. Most impressive to me is that he was assertive with the other attorneys while not being overly aggressive. While I hope to never need to contact an attorney again if needed to I would not hesitate to contact Carl Spector and I strongly recommend him to those that do. On a side note Carl is personable and a genuinely nice guy. My family thanks you for all your help.” – Melissa

Traffic violation New Jersey Municipal Court – “I retained Mr. Carl Spector to represent me on a serious traffic violation. He was very responsive to all inquiries and explored every legal avenue to assist my case. He worked very hard and diligently and kept me informed as to his process. He represented me excellently and I am certain I attained the best possible outcome. I recommend Carl Spector without reservation. Anonymous.” – A Former Client

“Carl Spector took my case for traffic violations that I had. He did an amazing job with my case. He was able to get all my violations dismissed. Without Carl I do not believe that this would have been possible. I would have ended up paying a lot of fines and a long license suspension. Thanks again Carl for everything. Anyone that needs a lawyer for any traffic violations please reach out and hire Carl, you will not be disappointed. He’s the best at what he does.” – A Former Client

“Carl is knowledgeable and has a good understanding of the legal system. He provided a sound strategy and I could not be more pleased with the result. He is friendly and responds quickly to emails, text messages and phone calls.He has an ability to cut through the crap and focus on what is important in the case. For me, he was able to negotiate effectively with the prosecutor and after 3 months, starting yesterday, without any further issues with the law, my case will be dismissed. Well done Carl. Thanks.” – A Former Client

“Carl’s work was wonderful. He is a professional. He discussed the issue several times with my son and I and he was able to negotiate a great settlement. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I would highly recommend Carl.” – A Former Client

“If anyone needs a great lawyer carl is the way to go… ive dealt with carl over 10 yrs now n hes a beast in that court room n always felt great when i see him there with me cause even in front of the judge i know carl got me all the way n yes i would tell everyone and anyone who needs a lawyer call carl spector.” – Nick

“My title says it all. Carl Spector is truly a topnotch lawyer. Very intelligent, friendly and professional. He knows his craft very well that my case was dismissed in my first court hearing with him. I can’t thank Mr. Spector enough.” – A Former Client

“I was in a very unfortunate legal situation and I was fortunate enough to find and hire Carl as my attorney for DUI. During my first call I felt comfortable that Carl was not only knowledgeable & approachable but also personable. Unlike some other lawyers he was not intimidating at all. My discussions with him were very through and he always had time for questions. He answered them in a way I would understand and was never in a rush. My calls and emails were always returned within 2-3 hours. I was in a very unique situation personally in addition to facing the DUI and he was able to help me through it. In court and throughout the process he kept me informed before, during and after every step. You never need to doubt whether he is good at what he does and how he competes with others in this area. I was in a very tough situation and the results from court were not as favorable as we liked but he fought through and never made me feel that I have to compromise. He always made me feel confident and was always on my side. I will definitely hire Carl if I need to in the future.” – A Former Client

“I had hired Carl for a dui case. He answered all my questions. Always kept it to the point. He never once sugar coated anything for me. It was a long case but worth all the time. Any fears I had I was very comfortable to tell him.And the greatest thing about Carl, is that I won!!!! I’m a very happy and greatful client.” – Monica

“I just went through the court process with 2 separate charges. I hired Carl Spector to represent me in this case. He did an excellent job on figuring out what needed to be done to help me win my case. His work was always neat and organized. He also showed up to court on time three separate occasions to represent me. My case was dismissed after the third hearing. Great service all around. I thank him for that.” – Matt

“First and foremost, I would like to thank Carl Spector. since day one he was extremely reassuring on helping me with my 1st DWI-DUI case. My case was very complex, with tickets for leaving the scene of an accident, DWI,Refusal, reckless, lets just say the whole NJ title 39, book. Not to mention it was in two different counties. But right off the bat ,Carl came up with a game plan as soon as I called him. After months of back in forth work, he made everything fall in the right places. He managed to drop every ticket including the refusal which is huge deal in NJ, by him finding a simple mistake the officer wrote on my report. I walked out of the court with a great plea deal with most of all the tickets dismissed and only stuck with a 1st offense DWI and carless. Once again thanks Carl for being there 100% of the way!” – Felipe

“Mr. Spector is an excellent lawyer and a pleasure to work with. He will fight for his clients using his tremendous knowledge and considerable experience within the NYC legal system. Thanks to him I was able to win not only the criminal case, but also a very stressful refusal hearing so that I was able to continue driving. I would recommend Mr. Spector to everyone, and though I hope I will have no further need for his services, I will be using him as my attorney for the rest of my life.” – Tom

“Carl Spector proved to me how important it is to get a good lawyer. My first visit was in his office where he explained everything that could happen in detail. He was professional and answered all of my questions. Every time we were scheduled for court he was on-time and always made me feel very comfortable. He was confident and was well respected by everyone in the courtroom. He was able to get the case dismissed and I would definitely recommend Carl to anyone who needs a good lawyer.” – Todd

“He was very professional and courteous.he gave me the results I wanted. I was very satisfied with his work.Great job mr.carl.” – Mabel

“I would absolutely recommend Carl Spector to anyone with a DUI case, or anything similar. He is an amazing lawyer that is knowledgable regarding the law and he knows how to protect his client and obtain the best verdict. Somehow managed to keep my DUI off of my record and no criminal charge at all – just a license suspension. He is a godsend.” – Ryan

“Carl helped me work through a personal legal issue and was caring, bright, efficient, and available. I was unsure what to do in the situation and Carl has a call with me the next day and squeezed me in to his schedule to discuss. His advice was knowledgeable, considerate, and logical. I would recommend him to anyone.” – Eva Sadej

“Even before I hired Carl, he went out of his way to give me help. I was confused on what I was being charged with because this was the first time I was ever charged with a crime. I was charged with public exposure ( I was having sex in my car.) Carl looked up the statute I was being charged with, gave me advice, and even met with me before I hired him. Carl helped me get the case dismissed and was a great help. He kept me informed and was honest with me. I recommend him to anyone facing charges, and I think he would be of great help if you hired him.” – A Former Client

“Carl was incredibly professional and straightforward about my options throughout the whole process. He has been representing clients in the court system for a long time and is recognized for his work.” – A Criminal Defense Client

“I would highly recommend Carl Spector for any help with legal troubles. I was referred to Mr. Spector by a lawyer in Florida, and was completely satisfied with the help I received.” – Jared

“Being that this was the first DUI / DWI case was involved in I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew what I wanted the disposition to be but how to get there was a blur so I decided I needed help in the form of Carl Spector. Since inception, Mr. Spector explained what I should expect, what has happened in previous cases and assured me that he would be there every step of the way, which he was. He was very professional, knowledgeable and was able to get me the disposition I knew I deserved. He kept me in the loop as he spoke to the District Attorney and Assistant District Attorney in an effort to expedite my case and was able to get a resolution in only 2 court appearances. All in all, it was evident since the beginning that Mr. Spector had my best interests in mind. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Spector to anyone who is seeking legal help. Thanks Carl!” – Chinoy

“My partnership with Mr. Spector was brief but, he always kept me informed. He knows the legal proceedings well, which can be very intimidating if you go to court representing yourself. He discusses all the possible outcomes with you so you know what you are up against and any risk(s) involved and strategizes with you as to the best approach for your defense. He is well respected by colleagues and law enforcement personnel. Mr. Spector was able to downgrade an improper left turn violation into an improper procession with no points on my driving record. I was pleased with the end result. He is definitely a rare commodity that works for you and not against you. Thank you Carl for your service in representing me. A job well done! Wishing you continued success!!!” – Ray

“Without giving too many details about my case… Carl was able to fix a problem I had that other attorneys didn’t think was possible. He is the kind of man that pushes till he gets the right answer. This is a excellent quality for a attorney. His dedication to fight for me was second to none. I’m not the kind of person to easily recommend anyone, but in the case of Carl Spector he comes highly recommended by me.” – Dan

“We approached Mr. Spector after my son received a very significant speeding ticket. Carl was quick to respond to our call. He worked directly with my son to understand the nature of the offense and took the time to understand him as a person to help present his character before the prosecutor and judge. His professionalism, masterly of the law and courtroom proceeding resulted in a significant reduction in the offense and minimal court fees. While I hope never to have to use his services again, if there ever is a need, he will be the first and only attorney I would hire.” – Mark

“Carl is a great lawyer. He gets results. He guides you through your legal issue and really helps you to understand what is going on. I had never needed a lawyer before and Carl really guided me through my problem. He was personable, always responded to questions and was always available when I needed him. Carl put my life back together and I will be forever grateful to him. I can’t say enough good things about his work ethic and ability to produce results. My case got dismissed just in 2 sessions. If you’re looking for an attorney that is not only successful, but also compassionate and responsive, then I highly recommend Carl. Thanks for all your work Carl.” – Bill

“Mr. Spector is a very knowledgeable and experienced lawyer, he is very friendly and always kept be involved and informed throughout the process of my case . I could not have asked for a better result on my DUI case which he got dropped to driving while impaired. I highly recommend him to anyone in the same situation and you can rest assured he will work hard to get you the best outcome. Thanks again Carl!” – A Criminal Defense Client

“Upon my first encounter with Mr. Spector, I knew I was in the right hands. He made me comfortable, and I felt at ease with him dealing with the court system. Mr. Spector was always available for my questions and was more than knowledge with the specifics of my case. My outcome was favorable due to his professionalism. I would highly recommend Carl Scott Spector to all my friends and family. Thank you Mr. Spector.” – Ansel

“I was looking at 6 months loss of license, with 10 points on my license. The outcome was I still have my license with 0 points. He is very informative, professional and courteous. He explained everything in detail and before I walked into the court room he told me he already spoke with the prosecutor and told me what the outcome would be, highly recommended.”


“I was looking at 6 months loss of license, with 10 points on my license. The outcome was I still have my license with 0 points. He is very informative, professional and courteous. He explained everything in detail and before I walked into the court room he told me he already spoke with the prosecutor and told me what the outcome would be, highly recommended.”


“Carl, simply put, is an excellent lawyer. He kept me informed and was very flexible with his time. I really appreciated that he was able to find court date/time that fit my schedule. He was also straightforward, providing options and details, and made it clear that he’ll do the best he can but he couldn’t promise anything. He was able to get me zero points (I had 2 tickets) which was an awesome outcome. On top of it all, Carl is caring and a great person. I hope I don’t have a need for a lawyer again, but if I do I’ll certainly be reaching out to Carl.”


“Carl was a pleasure to work with. He let me ask as many questions as I wanted without getting frustrated or impatient. In fact he encouraged me to ask questions. He was very easy to get in touch with and always kept me informed about what was happening with my case. He really took the time to listen and I never felt rushed. He is very knowledgeable and was there to guide me throughout the case so I could make a well informed decision. He’s a great lawyer and a great guy to work with.”

A DUI Client

“Carl Spector is a superb 10 star lawyer. This was my 2nd DWI case, and I was nervous as “bleep”! Within a 5 year grace period I landed a DWI and a DUI charge. Considering that all these charges landed within a 5 year grace period, this made my case challenging! I was a mess with the unknown of potential jail time and charges. My incident occurred in 2012 and was resolved in 2014. You are probably wondering that is a long time to resolve a case. But as Carl informed me “sometimes patience and time works in your favor”, it sure DID! The end result was a reduction in my charges. My charges were reduced to a traffic infraction, and all my additional charges were vacated from my record. As a professional it was very important to maintain a non-criminal record. The thought of losing my career because of a DWI would have been devastating and embarrassing.

In selecting Carl as my lawyer, the decision was very simple. Carl is a no B.S. kinda lawyer. Carl puts things into perspective and makes no promises. The only promise he makes is the dedication to work hard for you and to give you the best potential results. Mr. Spector is knowledgeable within the courts, the court system, and the law. In addition, Mr. Spector was the only lawyer to meet me in person before selecting a lawyer. That was the icing on the cake.

A DWI / DUI case is messy and nerve wrecking but Carl made the process less stressful. My best advice is to give him the full details of your case, listen to his advice, and let him take care of the rest. It was hard for me to understand that concept in the beginning. I was hoping for a quick answer and fix. With DWI cases there is no such thing. These types of cases are sensitive, emotional, and strategic. In my opinion Carl is the perfect blend of that. “Carl Spector, you rock”!”


“Carl Spector was great! He was very knowledgeable, professional & personable. I would definitely hire him again, & would strongly recommend him. I received (2) tickets on the Palisades for a unsafe lane change. One was a traffic violation, & the other an ordinance violation. I was worried that the ordinance would affect affect my future due to my profession. He was able to dismiss the traffic violation, & reduce the ordinance violation to a traffic violation with no points. Thank you very much Carl! ”


“He was a pleasure to deal with. He was informative and up front about what to expect. I definitely would use him again”


“Mr. Spector is a very knowledgeable and thorough lawyer. He recently represented me in a case in which he clearly researched the law and my situation before arriving at court. He walked me through the process before, during, and after my court appearance. He was very helpful in explaining anything I did not understand. I would highly recommend him.”

A DUI Client

“Some situations in life require we delegate the handling of a situation to a trustworthy representative. I was pleasantly surprised with Carl Spector’s involvement on my behalf. He’s truly a lawyer you can trust to do what is the correct practice and procedure, and produce results. He fully assisted me in the entire court process and was readily available at all times. I am satisfied with his diligence and active pursuit of all the usual remedies that get the record straight, and the best outcome obtained.”

Janice R.

“I would like to recommend Carl Spector as an excellent Criminal Defense Attorney. Carl is experienced, knowledgeable and considerate. He listens to you and discusses all the possible strategies to approach the problems. He also explains the legal system and how it effects your case.I was charged with two misdemeanor offenses. Carl was able to reduce one charge and have the other dismissed. Carl obtained the best possible outcome for me. It was exactly what I hoped for.”

Scott W.

“Mr. Spector handled my case in an outstanding way. He was very caring to me and my children. He knows the law 100%. He takes the time to listen to you while he takes notes. He asks questions only pertaining to your case. He gives you a background on what might happen and might not happen.My case was very serious. And if I didn’t have Mr. Spector at my side I would still be in prison. I would recommend Mr. Spector to anyone who wants results and not just promises. He’s a professional in every way. And he does have a caring heart. This makes him a very special person in my eyes.”


“Every lawyer has three piles of case files that are set on their desk. These piles are set accordingly:The first pile; consists of cases where the lawyer knows there is no luck for the client, the cases that might as well get thrown into the garbage. The second pile; consists of cases where the lawyer can lower the charges from an outrageous charge, to a more fair charge. The third pile; consists of cases where the lawyer can guarantee clients their freedom back.However, unlike every lawyer, Carl Spector only has that third pile sitting on his desk. Why? Because not only is Carl Spector knowledgeable, strategic, and experienced, but mainly because he is a confident lawyer who is well spoken in front of any judge.Carl’s knowledge, experience, and strategic ways, was able to get my case (Felony B) dismissed. Being a caring lawyer, Carl always kept me updated with phone calls and e-mails. He even spent extra time getting a certificate of disposition for me on the same day that my case was dismissed.Overall, I cannot thank Carl Spector enough. If I hadn’t chose Carl Spector, I am sure that I would have spent at least 6 months in Rikers Island, AND had probation for 4 years.Thank You Carl Spector, you are the Man!”

A Criminal Defense Client

“I opted for Mr. Spector to represent my 16 years old son after coming across this site and I thank God that I retained him. My son had found himself in a complicated situation and had ended up with 3 traffic charges including DUI and CDS in a MV and an additional related juvenile criminal charge. It was a really stressful period.

I called Mr. Spector at 11 pm after I had called one other lawyer that I would have settled for had I not found these reviews. Within half an hour, Mr. Spector returned the call; he patiently listened to our situation and immediately granted us an appointment. He is very thorough and diligent. He laid out the case for us and told us what the possibilities were. I was afraid that our cases would go on for months as the combination with the juvenile charge was tricky. Carl Spector worked with us closely, always calling to update us. Although busy, he always had the time when I called him for any reason. Further to this he was extremely understanding and even called on a lawyer friend of his to advice on the juvenile part of the case.

My son and I both agree that Mr. Spector is a spectacular lawyer who in addition to all the positive attributes he possesses also has a good sense of humor. Needless to say, in the end our cases were ALL resolved in exactly the way we had both prayed for. The DUI and CDS in MV were both dismissed. He even represented us at the juvenile court which had not been part of the agreement and got the charge downgraded. If you do decide to retain Mr. Spector, rest assured your case is in good hands and the fee you pay him will be worth every penny and will save you a lot more down the line. Mr. Spector, there are no words to express my gratitude for your time, patience and professionalism.

Thank you.”


“Mr. Spector is a fantastic lawyer. He was very personable, friendly, and highly responsive. He is extremely knowledgeable of the legal system and managed to get one of my speeding tickets dismissed and the other downgraded. I would definitely recommend him.”


“Carl was very attentive to my case and was able to work out the best outcome possible for my case.”


“I knew I was in good hands the minute I retained Carl. He was understanding, reassuring, and no nonsense, kept in regular contact, and aggressively worked his way through the system to resolve in two weeks what could have taken months, got everything dismissed and the record sealed. Carl is an outstanding attorney who gave me exceptional service and was worth every penny!”


“On New Year’s Eve, our daughter was a passenger in her own car, which was being driven by a friend of hers. They were pulled over and her friend failed the Breathalyzer test. Under the NJ DUI allowing law, our daughter was also given a DUI ticket. After careful research, we chose Mr. Spector to represent our daughter and we are so very glad that we did! Because this aspect of the NJ DUI law is rarely prosecuted, her case went on for months, with many court appearances but no resolution. Mr. Spector was at her side throughout these long months and he worked tirelessly on her case. After every court appearance, he called us to give us an update on the case. The end result is that Mr. Spector was able to have her DUI reduced to a broken headlight. We are so grateful to Mr. Spector’s expertise and care!”

A DUI Client

“I found Carl by accident doing a Google search. I had a DWI and was sentenced to three years’ probation and 1 year interlock. Already having my interlock in for over 18 months I had to find a lawyer to help me get it removed. I could not find anyone to even talk to me. My original lawyer was useless and never returned my calls but Carl took it on. He never sugar coated it and told me it would be hard to do. He stayed with it and would not give up. Then I received an email saying WE WON! I was in shock knowing how the system works. If you need a great lawyer who really works for you Carl is your guy. He is very reasonable and worth every penny.

Thanks again Carl!”

A DUI Client

“Carl Spector is highly skilled at his craft. All ways gave me an outstanding effort. Demonstrated he knows his way around the system, his experience was invaluable to my case. Carl truly cares about his clients. I found Carl to be understanding, sincere, no-nonsense, and to the point. If you are looking for someone who is warm and fuzzy Carl is not your guy, but if you need someone with outstanding ability and will give exceptional effort for his client Carl is the man.”


“I had received two tickets from an incompetent officer that wrote the wrong statute on it which, if I went to court unprepared, would have cost me hundreds and several points on my license. I contacted Mr. Spector about the matter and he managed to get the court date pushed so he can get all the information ready. The day of court he meets me there and off the bat he is reassuring and personable, which helps eases my fears quite a bit.

We had to wait about an hour for the judge to come out, so he took the opportunity to speak to the prosecutor about my tickets, and within 15 minutes he came back to me with great news. Instead of 7-10 points, and at least $800+ in fees and fines, he got one ticket dismissed and the other bumped down to delay of traffic with an $80 fine. Another thing about Mr. Spector (which doesn’t really have anything do to with my case in particular) is that he’s a very friendly and approachable person! While the other lawyers that came to the courtroom sat by themselves, Mr. Spector made sure to sit by me and talk to me…not just about the case but about my life and other things. He told me he likes hearing about people and their stories, and I can see why because he was very relatable and intelligent to speak to casually!

He’s a very professional lawyer with a great personality that didn’t break my bank account!

Please, if you find yourself in a legal bind, contact this man immediately! You will not be disappointed!”


“Carl recently assisted me getting an assault charge dismissed and the record sealed which was key as I am a professional who did not want his securities license to be tarnished due to one poor decision. From the very first contact he truly owned the situation from start to finish. He was able to sit down with me and take the time to explain exactly what the charge entailed and all of the possible outcomes as well as how it could affect my record. He was always accessible and returned my calls in a timely matter. Most importantly, he was able to set the expectation and deliver the most ideal result. I would not hesitate to recommend him to a friend.”

A Criminal Defense Client

“I highly recommend Mr. Carl S. Spector for any criminal cases that you may have. I was able to make the right decision to hire him after reading his “AVVO Profile”. With him, I had the best attorney-client relationship that is needed because he made me feel like a full partner in the decision-making process. I could work and talk to him openly because he made me comfortable and showed that he cared. Communication was never a problem; he explained things in a way that I could understand.

He always showed personal concern and a genuine desire to help. His concerns extended to my overall personal situation rather just the crime with which I was charged. He was very patient and told me everything up front and I understood that he could not guarantee the results that I wanted however he gave me the assurance that he will do everything in his power for me to reach my goal.

He is one of the best out there period. As far as my case is concern, all the charges were dropped; I just could not believe it. On March 5th 2013, I got out of court with a big smile on my face. Do not hesitate to hire him.”


“I was given 3 tickets. DWI, DWI with minor and careless driving. I am taking prescription medications. There are certain medications you cannot take and drive. I did not realize you can be charged with DWI while taking certain medications. Carl did an excellent job researching my case. He presented my case to the court; proved that my medications did not cause my accident. I’m very grateful to this man. I was only charged with careless driving. The two DWI charges were dismissed. Thank you Carl.”


“Mr. Spector is very professional and straight to the point. At least for my case, he’s fully knowledgeable in NJ/NY law and knows how to get things done.I will surely retain him again if I ever get in any more legal problems.”

A Criminal Defense Client

“Carl was everything I hoped for and more. My situation was complex and required some outside the box thinking. I tend to be a “know it all” so I can be a little difficult to work with as well. He worked extremely well with me. He was a good listener and took the time to go over the details of my case. We tailored a plan specific to my case and it turned out as well as I could possibly hope for. He even surprised me the day of the court date, which helped me tremendously. I recommend Carl wholeheartedly and will use him again if I ever find myself in a legal bind.”

A DUI Client

“On New Year’s Eve, 2013, I got pulled over for DUI. I was charged with careless driving, refusal, not providing a valid insurance and DUI. Since English is my second language, Carl was very patient and explained to me my whole case. He was on my side. Driving drunk even when you feel you Ok to drive small distance is a terrible mistake! I got really lucky to have Carl Spector as my attorney who is very professional, honest and intelligent. Two days ago (court day) I got a good deal and end up with only 3 months suspension. I do not think any other attorney will help me out better than Carl did. Being charged with a DUI is a frustrating situation but with an excellent attorney like Carl on your side, you are in good hands. I will highly recommend him to everyone.

Thank you for all you have done for me.”

A DUI Client

“Mr. Spector is the BEST lawyer ever! I would definitely recommend him.”


“Best choice I could have made, Carl came to me highly recommended from a very close friend whom is also my personal attorney. This was the first time I have ever been in a situation such as this so I was clearly nervous and concerned for my career and future. Carl really put me at ease, and was always available to talk. I was facing a difficult case with a potentially long suspension period. Being in a career that requires me to be on the road a significant amount of the time I needed the best. Carl came through all the way and resolved my case quickly and with very satisfying results to myself and reducing any further financial burdens of going to trial.

Thanks again.”


“He was knowledgeable and efficient. He was a prosecutor in the past, so he will know the best course of action to take. He answered all my questions. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case!”

A Criminal Defense Client

“I am still amazed by how good Mr. Spector is! He was able to take care of a case that has been hanging over my head and preventing me from renewing my driver’s license. I live on the west coast. I was assured by the attorneys I talked to that I would be required to appear at least once. Mr. Spector was able to resolve my case without an appearance from me. At every step, he kept me informed and was always available. He explained best case/worst case and then proceeded to get me a result better than I could have hoped for. My case was dismissed! I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Spector.”

A DUI Client

“Hands down the best lawyer you can get. He knows the right way to work the case. I used him twice, and both times he came through. I was facing an even longer suspension the second time around and he saved me from any further penalty. He is understanding, always stayed in touch, and he went above and beyond. Other lawyers I spoke to had no confidence or knowledge compared to Carl. He is simply impressive at what he does. He commands respect in the courtroom and he found ways to really work my case.

I probably was not the easiest client to deal with either but he never lost his cool. If you want to go with a discount lawyer and get second hand treatment, go ahead, but if you want to win or face the best case scenario, then Carl is your man. The second time around I spoke to another lawyer and he said it was a hopeless case. Of course, I turned to Carl, and because of him, my life is back to normal. Thanks.”

A Criminal Defense Client

“I am very pleased with the outcome of my cases. One was altogether dismissed, the second, a rather severe driving violation, downgraded to unsafe driving.

It is a rare pleasure working with someone who genuinely enjoys what he does, and cares about the outcome. He treated me both as a client, and a friend.

Recently I got into trouble because of an overzealous police officer, and admittedly a poor choice in speed. (45 in a 35.)

Having gotten pulled over for speeding, I was improperly searched, and charged with the possession of a weapon. While the charge was downgraded, the new charge was also serious, with consequences not that different from the original. After reviewing the case, Carl was able to have it dismissed.

The accompanying speeding ticket, written for a ridiculous speed of 60 on a 25, (when in reality it was 40-45 in a 35) was downgraded to a no point offense.

In summation, while I hope I never need Carl’s services again, I know that should the need arise; he will be my first call.”

A Criminal Defense Client

“From the first meeting I had with Mr. Spector to the last, I was sold by his confidence, honesty and felt very comfortable with him. Plain and simple, he is realistic, trustworthy and gets things done. He follows through with everything he says, he is easy to reach and he makes himself available to you. He is very organized and does an excellent job in gathering as much information and evidence as possible. He does not rush and will do his very best to achieve the best possible outcome. I highly recommend him.”

A DUI Client

“From the start I felt nothing but comfort and trust with Carl Spector. I highly recommend this man for anyone.”

A Criminal Defense Client

“Carl Scott Spector, Great stand up lawyer he is precise and smooth when handling your case. I had a court appearance in NJ, I hired Mr. Spector to represent me as my attorney first day of court he had the case dismissed! I couldn’t ask for a better deal than this. Carl was willing and able to go the extra mile to make sure I was comfortable with the results he could bring to the table. Carl does not sugar coat anything he tells you how it is and what to expect. You don’t find too many lawyers that would do this.”


“I’ll start off by saying he’s an incredible lawyer. Being the first time I got into legal trouble, I was very concerned with my situation, future job prospects, etc. He was able to get everything dismissed. It is always easy to get in contact with him. He was also extremely knowledgeable in every aspect, just check his credentials! Overall, no disappointments here.”

A Criminal Defense Client

“Mr. Spector is professional, smart, well versed, and knowledgeable. He recently represented our child and the case was dismissed. I would recommend Mr. Spector without any hesitation.”


“My experience with Carl was not what I expected at all; it exceeded my expectations entirely! Carl was a reliable lawyer with great knowledge of DUI/DWI and drug law and helped me get a considerably favorable settlement. I would recommend him to anyone dealing with such a case in the future.”

A DUI Client

“He was very knowledgeable efficient and attentive to my needs. He was very fair and answered all my questions. If I ever need an attorney again Carl Spector will be the person I call. I was very pleased!”

A Criminal Defense Client

“The first thing I noticed when I walked into Carl’s office was the awards and achievements going around the whole room. I was impressed right away. He was a prosecutor in Fair Lawn for 3 years, and in the Bronx for 6 years, so you know he has the knowledge and experience. I hired him almost immediately. He was dedicated and made himself available all the time, so that I was always able to contact him whenever I had a question or information. Always answered the phone, I was never unable to reach him. Hard working and dedicated to the case, and at the end of it all, got me the exact outcome I was looking for. I am very grateful that I found Carl and hired him. I would recommend Carl Spector to anyone who is in a pickle. He got me out of mine and will do the same for you.”

A Criminal Defense Client

“Carl was the lawyer who delivered what he said he would, no beating around the bush, very open and to the point. He always encouraged us to ask questions and was very thorough in explaining every point of concern in our case.

Thank you Carl, you did a great job for us.”


“From the start I felt nothing but comfort and trust with Carl Spector. He was a prosecutor in the past, so whatever the circumstances are he will know the best course of action to take. I highly recommend this man for anyone.”


“I was arrested for DWI about a year ago. Being my first time in trouble with the law the process was very scary. Mr. Spector was extremely dedicated to getting me out of the holding cell. He went home and came back to Bronx jailhouse twice in the same night trying his best to get me out. Because it was a Friday into Saturday if he didn’t do this I would have stayed locked up until court opened again on Monday. Even though the court was moments away from closing he persisted to push to have me in front of the judge that same night. Thanks to his diligent efforts I was released in 21 hours as opposed to multiple days. I would recommend Mr. Spector to my family and friends without hesitation.”

A DUI Client

“A great guy overall to best explain this man. Not only he gets the job done but makes you feel comfortable the whole time. My case was tricky and serious and Carl was able to dismiss it. I am the happiest person now.”

A Criminal Defense Client

“Carl was of great assistants and helped get my charges dropped. Great guy and down to earth, highly recommended!”


“Mr. Spector was on the ball with everything that went on in my case. He always kept me well informed about court dates and what needed to be done. Mr. Spector was able to get the outcome that we wanted in the case, which was excellent. I would definitely recommend Mr. Spector to anyone out there looking for a trustworthy and hard-working attorney.”


“Mr. Spector was very knowledgeable about my particular case and I was very well informed about the upcoming proceedings and what to expect. Since this was my first experience with the judicial process, everything went as smoothly as can be expected. The case eventually turned out in my favor!”

A Criminal Defense Client

“I had my first run in with the law last year. I was stopped after driving when I shouldn’t have been and was charged with a DWI. Mr. Spector was extremely competent and helpful throughout the entire process. I would recommend him highly.”


“I was very pleased with Mr. Spector’s overall performance throughout my trial. It was a very stressful period for me, but his support and diligence put me at ease. He was very knowledgeable about all things pertaining to my case and the outcome was favorable.”


“Carl always took the time to ensure that I was informed and knew how to approach, and build a case. He really was a good guy and fights for your rights. He never gave me bad advice, and did everything he could to make my situation better. Thank you Carl.”


“Carl Spector, in addition to being exceptionally knowledgeable about all the DWI laws, is more importantly knowledgeable about them in all their nuances, and particularly knows just how to apply them in whatever particular case he is handling in his clients’ defense.

In my particular case Carl at first gave me a very comprehensive free initial consultation, taking my call late in the evening, and promptly calling me back when I left him a message. He thoroughly asked me all relevant and pertinent questions as to what happened to me with the police encounter and arrest, and all that occurred during the time spent in the station that evening.

Most importantly, Carl was always there by my side, always willing to take my calls and talk with me on the phone if I had any concerns regarding what was happening to me. This was very comforting and thoughtful of him, and has earned him my everlasting respect.

A DWI-related charge can be very a very traumatic and jolting experience, so having a knowledgeable, and more importantly, a compassionate attorney to represent you while going through this bewildering experience can make all the difference in the world – not just when you are at court, but for your peace of mind in the day, weeks or months leading up to that moment before the judge. Thank you Carl.”


“I consulted Mr. Spector due to a DWI. He was extremely knowledgeable and a great listener. He seemed very honest and compassionate about my financial situation. I would recommend him highly to anyone in need of a criminal defense attorney.”


“I highly recommend Carl for the legal service you may need, he was professional, detailed, reliable, & provided the support I needed. Thanks again!”


“Our experiences in dealing with attorneys for our business in the past were painful and stressful. Most attorneys never responded, had lack of knowledge and condescending. When we found our last attorney we were so surprised! Carl Spector’s treatment of our case was professional, quick and stress free. He has a wonderful demeanor and will discuss in a pleasant manner your needs for you case. He contacts you in a very timely manner and takes the time to answer all of your questions to your satisfaction. We ended with a good turn out and the best is we also made a new friend. He really is the only attorney who respects you and your needs. I would and have recommended him as the only attorney who helps keep things in control!”

Lisa P.

“This was my first time needing the services of a lawyer and after how Carl has helped me I don’t think I could use anyone else. He has great knowledge of the law and is extremely personable. Throughout the whole process he gave great advice and reassurance and in the end got my case dismissed. Carl is a fantastic lawyer and I’d happily recommend his services to my own friends and family.”

A Criminal Defense Client

“On December 18th after making a bad decision I met with Carl, feeling down he assured me to relax and he will handle everything. His fees were great and he worked with me. After months of going back and forth, the charges were dropped and could not believe it. He did and incredible job. If you get a DUI, please do yourself a favor and contact Carl fast! He is your man. Thanks Carl. Forever grateful.”

Octavio R.

“Mr. Carl Spector provided me with excellent and timely advice during my recent situation! He was very incredibly responsive and thorough and I will definitely contact him again should the need ever arise.”

A Criminal Defense Client

“Mr. Spector is a blessing from God. I am extreme happy for having him as my lawyer. I consider him as part of my family. The way my case was ending up to a suspension on my CDL license and it didn’t, he saved my family present and future. I thank the lord everyday for putting Mr. Spector into my life. I had recommended him to a family member and will always recommend him to anyone. Thank you Carl for your support and being there for me. God Bless You and your family always.”


“After days of researching attorneys shortly after my arrest, I came across Carl Spector’s profile and was thoroughly reassured that he was the right choice. Not only were his accomplishments, credentials and qualifications outstanding, he was extremely personable as well.

Carl genuinely cared about my case and the hardships that it caused me. He was flexible with payment plans, meeting times, weekly (and sometimes daily) updates and advice at any given time of the day. He was easily reachable and was more than happy to help ease my concerns.

Not only is Mr. Spector an exceptional attorney, he is also well liked, to the highest degree, by his peers. While outside the courthouse, I got to witness this first hand as he was approached multiple times with compliments and proposals seeking his council.

All in all, my experience was excellent and went very smoothly. I would most definitely recommend Mr. Carl Spector in a heartbeat. I am very grateful for his hard work.”


“I had never been in need of a lawyer before and feel extremely lucky to have met Carl. He was very good at helping me understand exactly what was going on and what to expect. He has an enormous enthusiasm for the law and was very active in digging deep and exploring all our options. During my case, Carl was always accessible and I never felt like I was on my own. Hopefully, I will never need Carl’s service again but I would highly recommend him to anyone in need.”


“Carl Spector went through everything just to help me. I got charged with possession of marijuana. My girlfriend found Mr. Spector on this website and I’m so glad she did. Mr. Spector knew everything he was talking about and was able to explain it very thoroughly till I was able to understand everything that was going on. He is so knowledgeable that he even made the cops in my town feel stupid. I would recommend Carl to anyone. I thought my life was going to be ruined because of this charge but because of Carl I’m going to be able to have a good future now without my stupid mistake holding me back. Thank you so much Mr. Spector you have no idea how thankful I am to have you as my lawyer because you saved my life.”


“Carl Spector recently represented me in a traffic matter, that I was sure to lose my driving privileges over, as well as, paying heavy fines and possible jail time. Understand, I have quite a checkered past, in regards to my driving history. With all his legal knowledge and his professionalism, he was able to retain my driving privileges, keep me out of jail, and total fines and court costs were $93.00. Unbelievable! I also want to mention that Mr. Spector made me feel very comfortable and confident in his services, from day one. I would recommend him, in very high regards, to anyone who wants a lawyer that has “your” best interest at heart, not his own.”


“Carl is caring in his approach to representation, and the warmest person I know, so you are in good hands if you every need his services, or, he will refer you to someone more specialized in the area that you need.”


“I am an upper middle class executive who got caught with a half ounce of cocaine back in my crazy younger years about 7-8 years ago. Carl was my first choice. He received a phone call from me about 3 in the morning & was in court attending to my release at 8:00 AM that morning. I was released within 2 hours! Then Carl worked on the case very diligently and after about 3 times appearing in court with me, he got my charges reduced & I was a free man. This type of work that Carl did for me was just unbelievable because the charges that I had against me, I really could have been put away for 3-5 years had I not chose Carl to be my lawyer.”

A Criminal Defense Client

“Mr. Spector’s intellect, knowledge of the law and knowing how to work within the system was instrumental in getting me a very favorable settlement. If my friends or anyone in my family ever needed legal guidance, advice or representation, I’d recommend that their first call be to Mr. Spector.”


“I have used Mr. Spector’s services in the past and have found him to be extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy. His professionalism shines through especially when he represented my case. I would recommend him to anyone who needs any type of legal representation.”


“Carl – Thank you for taking the time to explain the process (again and again until I was 100% clear). Thanks again for your help.”


“I actually do not want to give Carl a favorable review because I would prefer to selfishly have a monopoly on his services. Truth be told, however, Carl (and his associate Angelo) portray empathy, competency, and boundless energy. I have worked with many egotistical ‘hot shots’ in the legal field. However, Carl is a rare exception., I find him humble, charismatic, and caring (not a common combination for a lawyer). He will absolutely go out of his way to councel you in otherwise bleak situations. My only critique is is choice of neck-ties.. But, we cannot all be perfect..Finally, I always felt he was on top of evertything (like a chess player thinking a few steps ahead). His strongest attributes are his abilities to communicate clearly, offer options, and most importantly negotiate with other parties given his charisma/displomacy.”


“Mr. Spector was asset to me in resolving my legal proceedings. He provided me with comfort and confidence due to the precision in which he handled my case. His representation allowed me to focus more on work and family, while he worked on my case to provide the best legal options all the while providing timely updates on the legal maze.”


“These lawyers keep there promises, they say what they will do and actually do it, they follow up with the family and are men of their words.”


“I want to take this time and thank you again for all the help and everything you have done for me in the past. Thank you. In closing I want to say thank you again Carl for everything. Also, thank you for writing that seven page letter on my behalf to the prosecutor. It was a very powerful letter, Thanks.”


“They make miracles, I’m not gonna lie”


“Me han resuelto mi problemas, pueden confiar en ellos, tambien me resolvieron el problem de mi hermano y era possession de 2 dos kilos, son abogados serio y saben su ley, me voy con ellos a ojos serrados.”